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It is more than what meets the eye. Prejudice against people groups is a terrible thing and God's word specifically speaks against such practice, However......

Hurt feelings can become legal issues even when there is no discrimination at all. The question to consider is simple... How is your school protected, if at all?

Here is a simple set of scenarios,

Someone may challenge your school as follows:

Why can't I .......

  • participate
  • volunteer
  • serve
  • be included

You have many areas whereby screening and lack of proper training might prohibit someone from being a Community or Lay Coach, Class Mom, Special Commitee Member, Volunteer workers and more. Any of these situations could lead to a decision to not allow someone to work on the school's behalf. If that arises, how does your present insurance program respond? You should have a plan of action and proper insurance protection to prevent your school from being financially destroyed from such an issue. Contact us or request a quote for more information.